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Official "Good Day with Jeff Glover" Button-Down Shirt [2nd Release]

Official "Good Day with Jeff Glover" Button-Down Shirt [2nd Release]

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Check out Jeff Glover's FIRST Signature Button-Down Shirt – the OG shirt that started it all.  It's all about that BJJ lifestyle vibe! This shirt isn't just clothes; it's an ode to the legendary Jeff Glover and his adventurous spirit. Dive into a day in Jeff's life with cool designs that make this shirt a must-have. Style meets comfort! 🥋✨ #BJJLifestyle #JeffGloverStyle

Polyester/Spandex blend; feels like butter.



Jeff Glover is a renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) black belt practitioner and professional grappler. Glover gained significant recognition within the BJJ community for his dynamic and entertaining style, characterized by his agility, flexibility, and unorthodox techniques.

Throughout his career, Jeff Glover competed in various high-profile BJJ competitions and achieved considerable success. Some of his most notable highlights include:

ADCC World Championships: Glover competed in the prestigious Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) World Championships, a highly regarded submission grappling tournament. In 2005, he earned a silver medal in the -77 kg division, showcasing his exceptional grappling skills and creativity.

Pan American Championships: Glover had remarkable performances at the Pan American Championships, one of the largest BJJ tournaments. He won multiple gold medals in his weight division and the Absolute division, which includes competitors of all weight classes.

Metamoris: Glover participated in Metamoris, a submission-only grappling event that showcased some of the top talents in the grappling world. He engaged in exciting matches against notable opponents, including Caio Terra and Baret Yoshida, leaving a lasting impression with his dynamic style.

EBI (Eddie Bravo Invitational): Jeff Glover was a regular participant in the Eddie Bravo Invitational, a submission-only tournament featuring a unique ruleset. His matches were often crowd favorites due to his entertaining style and willingness to take risks. While he didn't secure the championship, he left a lasting impact with his memorable performances.

Instructional DVDs and Seminars: Jeff Glover's knowledge and expertise in BJJ led him to share his insights through instructional DVDs and seminars. He has released instructional materials that focus on his innovative techniques, allowing practitioners worldwide to learn from his expertise.

Apart from his competitive accomplishments, Jeff Glover is known for his charismatic personality and ability to entertain both on and off the mats. His matches often featured a blend of technical prowess and a playful approach, engaging the audience and earning him a dedicated fan base.

While Jeff Glover has transitioned away from competitive grappling in recent years, his contributions to the sport and his entertaining style have left a lasting impact. His highlights continue to inspire and entertain BJJ practitioners around the world.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Magnificent, the fabric is super comfortable and pretty much wrinkle resistant

Roland K
Above expectations

Super comfy, fits as expected, I wasn't expecting to be stretchable, arrived the same day of my birthday party. Super stoked awoooo!

anthony gatti

Awesome shirt for summer! Great fit and super deal! Oss!

Jaime Gomez
Large is more like an XL

I ordered a Large, when I got the shirt it way to big for me to use. I seemed like it was an extra large. I can't even use it.

Donnie Ortego
Awesome Button Up

Comfortable Clean Style
Great to wear at family gatherings or a date

I would buy more these button up shirts I really the material and I look even better when I wear it 👊🏻🙌🏻