Bow & Arrow Choke

Bow & Arrow Choke

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This here is called a bow & arrow choke. It makes the recipient of the choke make this face.

The Bow and Arrow Choke is a highly effective submission technique commonly used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and submission grappling. It's a powerful chokehold that puts significant pressure on the opponent's neck, making them either submit or lose consciousness if applied correctly.

Here's a breakdown of how the Bow and Arrow Choke is executed:

  1. Setup: The Bow and Arrow Choke is typically initiated from a dominant position, such as the back mount (back control). The practitioner first secures back control by getting behind their opponent and wrapping their legs around the opponent's waist, effectively controlling their position.

  2. Grip: With back control established, the practitioner then focuses on obtaining the necessary grips for the choke. The choking arm (usually the practitioner's dominant arm) reaches across the opponent's neck, while the other arm grabs hold of the opponent's opposite lapel (the collar of their gi).

  3. Adjustment: Once the grips are secured, the practitioner tightens their grip on the opponent's lapel, pulling it across the opponent's throat. At the same time, they use their choking arm to create pressure on the opponent's neck by pulling it towards their own body.

  4. Leg Positioning: To complete the choke, the practitioner utilizes their legs to apply additional pressure and control. The leg on the same side as the choking arm is brought over the opponent's body, hooking their leg or hip to prevent them from escaping.

  5. Finishing the Choke: With the grips secured and the legs properly positioned, the practitioner arches their back, creating a bow-like shape with their body, while simultaneously pulling their arms in opposite directions. This action tightens the lapel around the opponent's neck, cutting off blood flow to the brain and air supply to the lungs.

  6. Submission: The pressure from the choke becomes unbearable for the opponent, leading them to either tap out to signal submission or lose consciousness if they fail to tap in time.

The Bow and Arrow Choke is considered one of the most powerful submissions in BJJ due to its effectiveness and ability to be applied from various positions, particularly from back control. It requires precision, timing, and proper technique to execute successfully, making it a valuable tool in a practitioner's arsenal.

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